We are a team of professional data scientists with a over a decade of combined UFC handicapping experience. MMA Corner started in November 2019, offering betting advice in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts while developing an AI model to predict UFC fights. A month later, we developed an algorithm that beat Vegas, surpassing historical accuracy numbers set by bookmakers. Trained and tested on thousands of historical fights since the UFC's inception, our algorithm uses artificial intelligence to predict fight outcomes. In purchasing a package, you subscribe to an email newsletter containing our algorithm picks, expert picks, and analysis. Our goal is for our subscribers to not only walk away with winning picks, but with the knowledge they need to improve their betting game.


MMA Corner Betting is great for both beginners and veteran sports betters. As a beginner you can simply follow their advice and let it ride. More experienced betters can combine their own knowledge with that of MMA Corner Betting's. With their numbers & analysis I've profited over $4,000 this past week. They've answered all of my questions fully and I'm confident in their system.

Jonah, Virginia Beach

After only 3 fights of my year subscription to MMA Corner Betting, I was able to turn $300 into $6000 based off of their advice. This isn’t some rotowire auto lineup creator bs, it actually helps.

Kyle, Los Angeles

I was spending hours a week researching fights and watching picks on YouTube and losing 90% of my bets. Then I found MMA Corner Betting and won 75% of my bets, without all the hard work. That gave me the confidence to up my bets and doubled my bankroll to 200% over a short period. MMA Corner Betting is definitely worth the money and it's way more fun to watch the fights when winning money.

Daniel, Brooklyn

I was with a different betting service and lost money, with MMA Corner I turned my $90 in my account into $258

Myles, Winnipeg

MMA Corner Betting asked me to write a testimonial. Normally I wouldn't bother, but I've turned $50 into $600 easily with them. And if you guys are anything like me, That's all the info you need. Couldn't recommend these guys any higher!

Al, Sydney

MMA Corner Betting is consistently turning a profit week in and out, The bets always have a rationale behind them and give me the confidence to trust all the plays. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am in terms of MMA betting and profit. 100% recommend the yearly subscription.

Darragh, Ireland

My knowledge of UFC is pretty much limited to the stars. I know who’s good, I know who I like watching, but that’s about it. I certainly don’t know enough to accurately predict fights. With MMA Corner’s tips, I’ve profited off nearly every card I’ve gambled on.

Mike, Pittsburgh

I’ve been following MMA Corner Betting since the beginning and he’s definitely one of the best. Correct picks, lots of tips on betting units, etc. He also puts a lot of time to create graphs and overall just cares about his clients. 100% would recommend, this is coming from someone who’s been betting on sports over 10 years.

Art, Toronto

I started my gambling account at $50 since January now I’m at $1000 so thank y’all! Cant wait to keep it growing!

Nathaniel, Texas