What am I paying for?

You are paying to subscribe to our premium newsletter, which contains our UFC betting recommendations, analysis, and probabilities table.


Can I place bets on here?

No, we are not a sports book. We only recommend bets. If gambling is legal where you reside and you decide to place bets based off our suggestions, we recommend finding an online sports book to do so. 


Do you recommend any online sports betting sites?

For those who can gamble legally, we recommend BetOnline.ag, 5Dimes, and FanDuel, but these options have limitations based on your location.


Do you bet with the money we pay or do you suggest bets and we place them on our own?

We do not bet with the money received from subscriptions. If gambling is legal where you reside, you may take our recommendations and place them on your own.


Can you explain the unit system to me?

  • 1 Unit = 1% of your bankroll
  • Unit size changes as bankroll changes
  • Example: I have $1000 I want to set aside for gambling. This is my bankroll. My unit size is $10. If I profit 1 unit, my bankroll is now $1010 and my new unit size is $10.10


Can I purchase a card the day of the fights and still receive the picks?

 Yes, we will forward the picks to you within a few hours of purchasing as long as you buy before the early prelims/prelims